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You have a new tenant moving into your Saint Augustine, FL house and need to change the locks. Or you probably have just one key to your house or car and want to have a spare one as a backup in case the original is lost. Maybe you are keen on installing a high tech lock that incorporates keyless entry. Saint Augustine Locksmith offers a broad variety of lock and key products and services that address your every need.

While we do not claim to be the lowest priced locksmith in Saint Augustine, Florida, our pricing is the most competitive given the high quality of products and service we consistently provide. Our combined work experience in the locksmith services industry spans well over 25 years. The Saint Augustine Locksmith team is extensively trained with our expertise sharpened by the numerous lock and security challenges we have helped our customers overcome.

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Saint Augustine Emergency Locksmith Service

Emergencies are just that – sudden, unexpected and inconvenient events. You may do everything possible to minimize the likelihood of locking your key in the car or locking yourself out of your own home. Our Saint Augustine emergency locksmith service is on call any time of day or night throughout the year with a pledge to be at the scene of the problem in 15 minutes or less. Our emergency lock services include:

  1. Lock repair
  2. Lock replacement
  3. Retrieval of broken keys
  4. Opening of jammed doors

Our extensive experience combined with the latest locksmith tools and technology enables us to resolve the emergency in virtually no time.

Saint Augustine Automotive Locksmith Service

If you have ever lost your car keys, then you are intimately familiar with just how disconcerting that can be. But losing your keys or having a problem with your car’s locking system need not be such a disruptive event – particularly if you are in Saint Augustine, Florida. Simply call Saint Augustine Locksmith. Our staff will be by your side within a quarter of an hour to speedily defuse any car key or lock crisis.

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For most people, cars are no longer a luxury. This is more so for smaller towns where a public transport system may be virtually non-existent. We acknowledge that a problem with your car keys or car lock could mean missing a crucial job interview, getting late for an important business meeting or, in the worst case, delaying the transportation of a loved one to the hospital.

For this reason, our emergency automotive locksmith service in Saint Augustine allows us to rapidly dispatch our locksmith to you anywhere in Saint Augustine, FL. To make sure we consistently meet our commitment to a 15 minute turnaround, we have strategically placed a locksmith in different areas of Saint Augustine. Unlike our competition, you will not have to wait for hours as a locksmith comes from a different county or state.

In the locksmith industry, the role of quality equipment is only second in importance to the role of competent staff. We have invested in the best tools available in the market today as we know this is the only way to provide consistently reliable service to our clients. Get in touch any time you require the following services:

  • Retrieving the broken pieces of a car from the ignition or door lock
  • Replacing transponder chips
  • Opening a jammed car truck
  • Accessing a car whose key is locked in

Saint Augustine Residential Locksmith Service

Imagine arriving home from work to discover that you have lost the keys to your house. Or maybe you had briefly stepped out of your home and a sudden wind slammed the door locked behind you. Do not spend the night in the cold – call Saint Augustine Locksmith and we will have our expert locksmith at your home in no time. But not only do we provide emergency residential locksmith services in Saint Augustine but we also carry out routine lock repairs and replacement. Call us when you need your garage, patio or gate locks installed or replaced. We have demonstrable expertise on everything from deadbolts to sophisticated keyless entry systems.

Saint Augustine Commercial Locksmith Service

Worried about entrusting you business lock problems to amateurs? With Saint Augustine Locksmith, you can have the peace of mind that you are dealing with seasoned experts. Our skills span the entire spectrum of industrial and commercial locks. The wide range of services we do provide include access control keypads, keyless entry technology, high security key and lock systems, safe installation, forced safe opening and the creation of master keys. The evolving security challenges that face our commercial and industrial customers in Saint Augustine compel us to constantly keep abreast with emerging lock technology.

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There are many locksmiths in Saint Augustine, Florida. But while it may be tempting to hire the cheapest locksmith in town, cheap can be painfully expensive in the long run. We, at Saint Augustine Locksmith, take cognizance of the vital role locks and keys play to daily life and are therefore committed to providing the best quality locksmith service in Saint Augustine, FL.

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